Is it odd that I get really excited about ingredients? That looking through a King Arthur Flour catalog brings me more pleasure than reading some teen girl magazine? So here's a list of ingredients I've been dying to work with. Feel free to make suggestions on other things to add, or good places to procure said ingredients. And, y'know, I'm always happy to accept gifts... :) 

- black cocoa (accomplished with The Blackest Forest Cake!)

- matcha powder (accomplished with Chocolate Matcha Swirl Bread!)

- vanilla beans  (accomplished with Vanilla Roses Cake!)

- fresh coconut 

- freeze dried produce (accomplished with Corn Cookies!)

- cacao nibs 

- kinako (accomplished with Yatsuhashi!)

- fresh pumpkin

- cake yeast (accomplished with Banana Sandwich Bread!) 

- biscoff

- coconut oil (accomplished with Coconut Cupcakes!)

- agar (accomplished with Chocolate Spaghetti!)

- custard powder

- black sesame seeds

- purple sweet potato

- chia seeds

- pandan (accomplished with Kaya!)

- chestnuts

- dashi 


  1. I've got chia seeds, taro flour, fresh pumpkin in the Mohn freezer, and a small amount of cacao nibs. Let me know if you're interested...

  2. Mont Blanc has chestnuts :D

    1. I have wanted to make a Mont Blanc for such a long time!


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