Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Wonderful Adventure

I haven't been very food oriented lately I feel. Sorry for blathering on about my life. That's probably not what you're here for. But let me tell you about my spring break? 
I want to be a jello queen. 
Working for others changes you, makes you better. And being surrounded by people who are willing to give up their time and money serving others...those are people worth spending time with. It makes me realize how good my life is. 
Just chipping lead paint off a house, no big deal.   
In Chicago, storms canceled our plans to pick up trash in parks, so we went to a museum instead. Just minutes away from the poverty we'd been working in were the grand, lakefront museums, swarming with tourists. I had been to this part of Chicago many times; I never realized what I'd been so close to. This trip made me so grateful that I have a safe place to sleep, warm showers, and food every day...I definitely take these things for granted. 

Oh, and I got the barbecue I wanted. I have never eaten barbecue so delicious. If you're in Nashville, eat at Jack's. That's a command. 

I'll carry this experience with me for a while. Next time, more recipes.

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