Friday, December 30, 2011

New York City!

Hi everyone, hope your holidays have been relaxing and filled with family, love, and food. I'm in New York right now, one of my many homes. The mundane, familiar sights are so comforting. Jimmy's Pizza, Cake Walk Terrace, the church where my parents were married. While I've done no cooking of my own, I've eaten some lovely things. And just seen some amazing things as well! Here are some of them.
Moussaka from Pera. Nom.

A super bizarre toucan window display?

Bergdorf Goodman has the best window displays.

Cereal milk soft serve at the Momofuku Milk Bar! You have no idea how happy this made me.

Just hanging out near Elmo.

I know the picture quality is lame, but in the city, there's no time or space to stop and wait. You'll get trampled. Anyway, just wanted to share this small moment of happiness with you!


  1. Wish I could have been there to join you at some of these awesome sites in NY. Glad you are enjoying the holidays-great place to be to ring in the New Year. Cheers and thanks for your friendship this year. I look forward to more of your wonderful posts in 212!

  2. Thanks for having such a great blog, Tina! I always look forward to your super creative posts.

  3. It was like Elmo's older, grungier brother, haha. If you walked a bit further, Bigbird, Cookie Monster, and a much cleaner looking Elmo were hanging out. I guess he was trying to intercept the foot traffic?

  4. YUM momofuku!! love the banana cake with the gianduja. Also, I might have met that same Elmo outside the Millennium Hotel. I have a picture to prove!! :)

  5. Oh, that sounds amazing. Haha, I would like to see this picture.


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