Monday, June 4, 2012

My Other Blog : Rhubarb Sweet Rolls

Hi everyone! As you may or may not know, I'm working as an editorial intern at a local magazine this summer. Part of my duties involve keeping my own blog/column. My theme, of course, revolves around food, and I've chosen to visit local farmer's markets and talk about fresh produce. I think of it as the slightly more refined older sister of this blog. Perhaps it will rub off here! 

Anyway, I tried rhubarb FOR THE FIRST TIME (I know, and I call myself a lover of food...) and wrote about it. Clicky clicky here for the post


  1. Okay so I just noticed that no one commented to this recipe. These rolls were AWESOME! They were a definite hit with the hubby. He loved your article and your food! Told your Mom if you had a book to sell he would be a good sales person for you....tells everyone how talented you are...every way we go. In case you don't know it's me....from Dad's office.

    1. I figured it out, haha. Your comments are always so kind. I'm flattered he's telling people about me! I'll be happy to make you some rhubarb rolls ( or anything else) any time you want.


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