Friday, August 3, 2012

Custard Eggs

Ugh. Yesterday, I got my wisdom teeth out. Thankfully I seem to be recovering quite well, though I am a bit puffy and sore. My brilliant mother came up with the idea of tying a pair of pants filled with bags of ice around my head, which is surprisingly effective. And I suspect it will become the newest fashion trend. 

Yesterday all I ate was soft, cold stuff. Which was great at first, until I wanted something more substantial. And until my dad brought home a big, glorious box of peaches. Sigh. But I'm grateful for the fact that I haven't had any major tooth issues, even if it means I'm slightly hungry all the time. 

Today I am allowed to progress to soft, warm foods, and I knew the perfect thing. Eggiwegs! (gotta brush up on my Nadsat). Last summer, I made these scrambled eggs that were slow cooked over a really low burner, and they turned into this delicious, custardy mush. Mmm. They were perfect. Some people are thrown off by the texture, because they're completely smooth and creamy, but I think it's awesome. And it's nice to have something with more significant amounts of protein again. If you have any good wisdom teeth foods, share them here!

Custard Eggs

Crack two or three eggs into a bowl and whisk thoroughly. Don't add salt, pepper, milk, anything. Transfer to a nonstick pan on a burner set to the lowest heat possible. Stir continuously with a silicone spatula so no curds form. You want to avoid hot spots, and no part of the pan should ever exceed 160ºF. Continue stirring until eggs have reached a custard like consistency. This takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes.


  1. The eggs look yummy but we here at the office would really like to see the "head gear" invented by MOM. Glad your recovery is going well....we are all thinking of you.

    The Girls at the Office!

    1. Haha, those pictures will not appear on the internet!

  2. Speedy recovery to you and your smart Mom.

  3. Hey there! Hope your face is feeling good. (I got a dry socket when I got my wisdom teeth was hellaciously painful.) My top recommendation for food: tapioca pudding. Four ingredients: tapioca pearls (small), soymilk, raw cane sugar, and vanilla. (mine maybe?) Oh, and probably a pinch of salt.

  4. I'm feeling much better! But tapioca pudding is still always delicious. Mmmm.


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