Thursday, May 2, 2013

Barcelona: To My Parents.

Sorry again for the short gap in posts. Last week was brutal, but things should return to normal now. I just returned from a wonderful trip to Barcelona, and I have something I'd like to say...

Thank you, mom and dad, for giving me the world. Without your love and support, I have no idea where I would be. Thank you for giving me the chance to travel for a whole semester, though it means maybe you won't get to take a trip of your own. Thank you for making sacrifices for me, for continuing to help me over the years even when I take it for granted (which is too often). I'm so incredibly grateful for everything you have done for me, and I have no idea how to convey that. No matter how heartfelt my words, or how artistic my pictures may be, it can't replace the experience of actually having you here. I try my best but it's just not adequate. But I'll keep trying anyway. Come and experience with me. 

You would have loved the Parc Güell. Huge gardens intermingled with the bizarre and whimsical architecture of Gaudi. It was originally supposed to be a housing site, but no one really expressed interest in living there. Only Gaudi and his family ever resided in the park. A wonderful place to take a walk and slow down for a while.

Casa Batlló

The Sagrada Família is absolutely stunning and unlike any other church I've ever seen. Makes you just kind of want to lie on the floor and stare up for a while. I don't think I fully appreciated it when I was here five years ago. So much has changed!

I know you have a soft spot for sangria, dad, so you would have enjoyed this immensely. Sangria was everywhere in Barcelona, in varying degrees of quality, from something like the above picture with slices of lemon and orange in it, to this rather disgusting convenience store variety purchased for less than two euros.

Black pasta! Garlicky cuttlefish goodness.

Fresh coconut and pitahaya (dragon fruit) juice from La Boqueria

Mom, you would have loved La Boqueria. I could have spent hours wandering through, looking at all the amazing fruits and vegetables, chocolates, marzipans...the list goes on.

Spanish tortilla sandwich! So delicious <3

Tapas! Croquettes, patatas bravas, and sausages!

Mm, paella. That rice. So good. 


And of course, the beach. I know how much you like walks on the beach. And I do too, even if I did squirm and complain as a child. 

Someday, I'm going to give back to you. I promise.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the gorgeous pictures and your journey with us. Seems like you're having a very happy tummy on your trip as well. I would love to travel to Barcelona some day.


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