Friday, August 16, 2013

350 Cupcakes

The masses have been getting antsy with my lack of posting. I apologize. This has been a weird summer for blogging. I came into it all inspired and motivated from my time abroad, only to find that I just...didn't have time for everything I had hoped to accomplish. Blogging got pushed to the side as I spent most of my weekdays working, too tired to blog by the time I got home. And my weekend baking aspirations had to be put on hold; instead I spent that time being shuttled back and forth from the Mayo Clinic (family health issues, I won't go into details). Now the summer is almost over and my posting level is at all all time low. Honestly? It scares me. I don't want the drudgeries of everyday life sucking out my will to bake and write. When life simply becomes a routine, it's time to stop and reassess. 

I won't say that I haven't accomplished anything. Some of you may know that two weekends ago I made 350 cupcakes for a wedding. It was one of the most fulfilling (and yeah, stressful) things I have ever done. I'm still a little in shock that I did it all by myself without any major disasters. The kitchen was coated in a fine layer of sugar for a few days after, but that was easily remedied. Would you like to see some pictures of my work? 
After all the cupcakes were made. Oy vey.

I am so happy that nothing collapsed, melted or got crushed on the car ride over or in the heat!

Looking much calmer than how I felt. Kind of a fake smile though.

So there you go. Keep your eyes open for more wedding cake, and more posts in general (I hope) in the future.

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  1. Oh my gosh......they look amazing!!
    From one of the fabulous flint four :)


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