Sunday, September 8, 2013

Senior Year + Banana Soft Serve

Sorry it has taken so long to post. Moving in and adjusting to school takes time, you understand. I'm still kind of denying the fact that I'm a senior in college. Most of the time I still have no idea what I'm doing (or it least it feels that way). I've come to the realization that maybe...there's no defining moment when a person transitions into adulthood. Maybe you never really feel like a "grown-up". Just gotta fake it til you make it. I'm okay with a life of continuously learning. 

This is my room, or at least some of it. It's cozy and quiet, down two flights of stairs and tucked into an alcove. To get this space of my own, I had to sacrifice other things...namely, being near my friends. It can get isolated down here, but it's good for me to make an effort to go out. 

This little number is my kitchen. The dorm is so spread out that there are actually 4 or 5 of these. The oven probably has been there since the 80's when it was installed, and the numbers have more or less rubbed off the dials. A few days ago I attempted to make a peanut butter cake that I was all excited to blog about. It cooked to what appeared to be a beautiful golden brown. Deception! The entire top half of the cake cooked while the bottom remained a goo. I was enraged! Not really, but definitely discouraged. I'll have to figure out how to cook things evenly. It's too hot for cake anyway, so I made that trendy banana "ice cream". Those are not unnecessary quotation marks, it's really more of a sorbet. Easy, refreshing, though in my opinion, not a substitute for ice cream. Hopefully I'll get this oven problem solved soon. 

Banana Soft Serve/Sorbet

Cut two bananas into slices, put them in a ziploc bag, and freeze them until they are rock hard (it will probably take at least 8 hours). All you really need to do now is throw the banana slices into a food processor (or magic bullet dealio, which is what I used) until smooth and creamy. For extra goodness, add a spoonful of peanut butter and a splash of vanilla extract. Enjoy immediately!

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