Friday, November 11, 2011

One Year

Hey....hey's my blogiversary! The first of hopefully many! I'm so excited to have made it this far. I couldn't have done it without you readers. I'm so grateful to everyone who encouraged me to start this blog up when I was feeling unsure about whether or not I should commit to this, and to everyone who kept me going even when it felt like no one (not even myself) cared. I don't have some sort of commemorative recipe for this occasion, unfortunately (it's been kind of busy around here) but my birthday is quickly approaching, so I promise to post something delicious and celebratory. 

In the meantime, I'd like to share some highlights of my blogging year. 

I still love these so much, but don't often get the opportunity to make them. They inspired me to start the blog, I think.

I don't blame ya, it's a perfect flavor combination. But I think the data was somewhat skewed, because this post was featured on the Secret Recipe Club, therefore getting more attention than most of my other posts. Before I started participating in SRC, the most popular post, by a landslide, was....

Mountain Dew Pancakes. You guys are a bunch of weirdos. But I'm glad that's my blog audience, a bunch of weirdos. We'll all get along fine here.

The post I am most proud of was the Vanilla Roses Cake. It made me realize that I can decorate, and people appreciate the work I do. It's a really good feeling.

Guys, I'm so happy. I feel like we've come a long way together, and I still have a long ways to go, so I hope you stay with me.

Oh, and I bought myself a blogiversary present. My own domain name. It's okay to keep your old bookmarks and things (you'll automatically get redirected) but I have a new home at :)

Thanks for the great year,


  1. Congrats on a year! I'm new to this, so I can only imagine how much time, work and effort went into an entire year's worth of delicious recipes.

    Keep it up!

  2. Thanks! Your recipes look delicious and your blog layout is really lovely, by the way. Can't wait to see what you come up with in a year :)

  3. Yay! Congratulations, Rebecca! I know I've said this, but we should totes make something delicious for our birthday.

  4. I really want to make some now, haha.

  5. Mountain Dew Pancakes, this I gotta try! Very intriguing and new twist on the usual pancakes. Oh, and happy blogiversary!

  6. Thank you! If you do so, let me know how it goes for you.


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